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In recent years, one of the gaming sectors that has grown the most along with e-sports is that of online casinos. The virtual gaming rooms and the operators who manage them have been able to constantly renew themselves, have attracted increasingly diversified audiences and have exploited the possibilities offered by new technologies to the maximum. It is for these reasons that it is easy to assume that the trend of growth and change will not stop in the coming months as well. Let’s try to figure out how.

The present and the future of online casinos can be summed up in one word: mobile. After years in which to access the virtual rooms it was necessary to have a PC with excellent performances, today the situation has completely reversed and smartphones and tablets represent the privileged gaming channel. And this has led software developers to invest more and more resources in the field and to create titles designed exclusively for mobility. Titles that in the near future could resemble more and more the latest generation videogames both in terms of graphics and playability and performance.

Live Gaming

Many new features are also expected in the field of game modes and promotions. On the first front, live gaming is the driving force. Introduced a few years ago, it was immediately successful thanks to the possibility given to interact with real dealers and challenge opponents in every corner of the planet. We will most likely also see the multiplication of bonuses and new incentives for players in the future. Already today there are prizes such as free spins and progressive jackpots that attract a large number of fans. In a few months, even more personalized bonuses could arrive, based on the habits of each individual user.

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New Payment Methods

Among the revolutions that have taken hold in the last period and that could consolidate soon there is also that relating to payment methods. Some online casinos have recently opened up to the use of cryptocurrencies and the number is set to grow. The initial skepticism towards virtual currencies has been definitely overcome and the advantages for operators and players are evident: greater security in transactions, better privacy and protection of sensitive data, and tracking of every step, from credit to payment.

AR and VR

The biggest push for renewal, however, could once again come from technology, and more precisely from virtual and augmented reality. Major casino operators have already moved on and today it is possible to enter some virtual lounges simply by wearing a 3D headset. Soon it should also be the turn of mixed reality, or the mix between AR and VR. In a few months we could walk in the most famous casinos in the world from being comfortable in our homes and we will be able to interact with objects and games. We therefore move towards an immersion still to be explored and with almost infinite potential.

The real challenge for the manufacturers and for the big names in the sector will be to intercept the Millennials audience. Casino games are great classics and some of them have kept the gameplay unchanged since they were born. The demands of the new generations, however, are different and go towards greater interactivity and rapid involvement. We’ll see if the developers will be able to meet these new needs quickly, perhaps by changing the rules of the game or adding skill tests between games.

What is practically certain, according to market analysts, is that the sector will continue to grow in terms of revenues and in terms of the number of fans According to the recent report “Online Gambling Betting Global Market Trajectory Analytics” prepared by ResearchAndMarkets.com the online sector is destined to further increase its earnings. In the United States, the phenomenon of online casinos will reach an increase of 11.2%, while in the Old Continent it will be Germany that will lead the other countries by adding more than 2.1 billion dollars in spending to the current ones in the next 7-8 years.